About Autosport Apparel

Our motorsport-inspired clothing is designed in-house and the finished products are premium quality.

About Autosport Apparel – We source our clothes ethically ensuring the use of premium quality materials for our high end products and our exquisite packaging. For example we use 100% organic cotton where possible, and our packaging is made from 100% recycled card that comes from sustainable Norwegian pine forests.

Our clothes are hand printed by talented UK based specialists or embroidered using the best threads by highly skilled embroiderers and all of our products are made using environmentally friendly or recycled materials.

Autosport Apparel provides a high end shopping experience through our product range, our show stopping packaging and the platinum standard customer service we offer to every single one of you.

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The obvious choice for any knowledgeable petrolhead, Autosport Apparel brings you eye-catching designs fresh from our UK based HQ. We’re passionate about producing designer fashion wear to be worn with pride. Show your appreciation of motorsport icons.  Stand out in unique fashionwear or make an impact in the team pit or boardroom by choosing Autosport Apparel.


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1 Your Race Team

In addition to retailing our motorsports inspired clothing to the racing public, we work closely with a number of exciting racing drivers, race teams and race series. We provide them with premium clothing to display their ethos, brand and sponsorship associations in the best possible light. Making them look good in the pit lane and to the worlds media. Making your team look and feel good in victory row is a key part of our business. http://http;//www.woodardracing.co.uk

2 Team Merchandise

We supply ranges of clothes which proudly display teams and series corporate branding and sponsorship relationships for both staff and retail. However, we aren’t limited to clothing only. At Autosport Apparel we also provide a high end range of giftware. These support those ranges and provide a further income stream for racing organisations.

3 Motorsport Art

Within our range of clothing products you will find the highest quality embroidery and hand screen printing. The former is usually to the specification required by corporate branding because of the image it exudes. But, where prudent we are big fans of producing artwork in-house for our clients. Both for our premium quality T-shirts and clothing or for merchandise and the fine art prints we proudly retail online and track side. We are deeply confident that our artistic abilities will give you fresh, interesting and exciting products from our own creativity.